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Trucking Job Opportunities

Hunt Transportation Jobs

Hunt Transportation is a nationwide trucking company specializing in flatbed trucking jobs. We are currently hiring for several truck driving jobs including: National, Regional, and Home Weekly fleets. - Pre Work Screen

Lots of the largest trucking companies throughout the Nation are setting a new standard for driver opportunities for brand new and experienced truck drivers. These companies carry on and offer truck drivers a career path that provides competitive salaries, flexible work schedules, great benefits, and the opportunity to see the country.

Many individuals are curious about pursuing a driving career inside the trucking industry because trucking jobs allow drivers to achieve the freedom and flexibility of employed by yourself while still getting the great pay and advantages of an important corporation. For die-hard truckers, not one other career can can compare to life in the open road. "There exists always something totally new to find out or somebody unfamiliar with meet. Its work that never gets boring, and that i enjoy every moment from it." Says Jermiah Keen, an experienced driver who has worked in the business for over 17 years.

Most transportation companies have a profession set-up for drivers because they progress in their driving careers. New drivers begin as OTR driving throughout the country. Since they still develop their driving log and skills additional miles drivers can transfer to regional or dedicated runs which typically allow a driver to obtain more frequent home time. For experienced drivers that have proven themselves within the industry, local tasks are available which allow them to return home every night. - Pre Work Screen

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